At Summit, safety is a crucial part of our day to day criteria.


Summit Casing Service is dedicated to doing everything it can to promote a safe work site. Our team is trained and certified at the highest industry standard for work site operations, including first aid attention. It’s our purpose to add value to your operation, that means equipping our employees with everything they could possibly need while working for you.


The job we do requires diligence and acute attention to detail. Our procedures are structured to ensure we do the job right, every time, and in a way that is safe for the community, environment and our employees. We never pass up an opportunity to better our employees. The better our employees, the better your project.


It is vital to every member of the Summit Casing Services team that we operate in the safest way possible. This includes the safety of the workers as well as the environment around the oil rigs. We understand that the work we do has an impact on our surroundings.  All members of the Summit Casing Services team believes it’s their responsibility to operate at the highest level of safety.

It takes a team to do what we do, and the Summit Casing Services team will always make every effort to ensure our operations are as safe as possible. This mission permeates through every level of our operation, from our oil rig workers to our top level management. We strive to not only meet safety regulations but exceed them, without compromising quality or efficiency.

Our supervisors understand that it is their job to not only oversee, but to also lead our operation in a direction with one goal: To effectively deliver a quality product while maintaining the highest levels of safety. This is not something that is simply said and forgotten. This is an attitude that runs deep.

We stay current on all safety regulations and encourage clear and constant communication. This helps us ensure that all team members are aware of any safety threats at all times.


Established in Western Oklahoma, Summit Casing Services foundation is based around some of the deepest, most challenging wells in the United States. Our highly trained employees and advanced equipment help operators get casing to bottom safely and effectively.